Introducing PicsWare, our Latest Software Solution

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Analytical Design Solutions, Inc. (ADSI), developers of the KioWare Kiosk Software, and OneSource Interactive have announced the release of PicsWare, a portable photo tagging solution that syncs up and sends pictures to print-on-demand kiosks. 

PicsWare is a photo management solution that streamlines the picture-taking, tagging, viewing, printing and purchasing process by integrating a handheld computer and attached card scanner, Wi-Fi camera and print-on-demand kiosk stations. PicsWare allows photographers to take a picture and scan a passenger’s ID card in order to tag the photo as that passenger. The system integrates a Wi-Fi Camera with a portable handheld computer running PicsWare Mobile. The computer has a card scanner, which tags the picture to that passenger and syncs it up to a centralized server. The server then distributes the pictures to print-on-demand kiosk stations, which attract customers by rotating through the various pictures snapped. 

Once at the kiosk, customers can retrieve their photos by simply scanning their ID card at the kiosk; they also have the ability to search by time, date, event, group and other activity related criteria. Customers can then print their pictures, download or share them with family and friends online.

PicsWare is designed for the travel, tourism and hospitality industry but is uniquely suited for the cruise industry.  Millions of people cruise each year; cruise photographers snap numerous pictures of each passenger, which are typically printed and posted on the corridor walls of the ship. Edward Crowley, co-founder of PicsWare stated, “It can sometimes be difficult to locate one picture among the sea of other smiling faces. PicsWare creates a more efficient way to find these pictures, while increasing the overall passenger experience.”

The software can provide a rapid Return-On-Investment (ROI), multiple opportunities to increase revenue, and the ability to gain press attention for going green. ROI can be seen immediately as utilizing a self-service kiosk frees up wall space for other profitable uses, such as advertising. This self-service kiosk solution also eliminates the need for manned Point of Sale (POS) stations.

This platform also provides an opportunity for supplementary revenue streams through ads and promotions on the kiosk, as well as post-cruise purchasing opportunities. Passengers can charge the pictures to their room and print on-demand at the kiosks. The pictures can also be shared online after the cruise, allowing passengers to share with others and giving them a second chance to purchase the pictures. Sharing the pictures with friends and family will promote the cruise experience and influence them in joining the next time.

At the same time, this helps to make the ship more environmentally-friendly by eliminating the need to print pictures that aren’t purchased. The kiosks can offer a more “green” marketing approach by grabbing attention with a secondary monitor or other forms of digital signage, flashing the pictures in front of consumers.

PicsWare’s simplification of the picture-taking, tagging, viewing, printing and purchasing process helps cruise ships to become more environmentally friendly while improving the customer experience and increasing revenue opportunities.

About PicsWare

PicsWare is a joint venture between ADSI and OneSource Interactive, veterans of the kiosk industry. ADSI is an IT consulting company that has developed numerous and varying award-winning kiosk applications since 2001. ADSI has also developed the KioWare ( retail product line of kiosk system software that secures the operating system. There are over 25,000 licenses of KioWare in over 60 countries.

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