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KioWare Server ASP

KioWare Server ASP is designed to support enterprise and Application Service Provider (ASP) installations, giving clients or resellers the ability to host the software for multiple client sites.

KioWare Server ASP - Host Kiosk Management Software

KioWare Server ASP

KioWare Server ASP offers complete separation of data & user access, optimal for enterprise, agency, & reseller use.

KioWare Server ASP provides an additional site data layer that enables kiosks to be organized at a higher level than the project level currently in regular KioWare Server. This gives resellers and ASPs the ability to make each site layer a different customer, allowing for complete separation of data and user access, and controlling what the site client is able to do and see within KioWare Server ASP. KioWare Server ASP is essentially our Kiosk Management Solution, with the added capability of hosting multiple client sites. The client side KioWare Full (for Windows or Android) provides browser, OS and desktop lockdown for the kiosk, while the server side console allows you to maintain communication with your kiosks from a central server. Through the server side console you are able to remotely monitor the kiosk health, retrieve kiosk usage reports, collect survey data, and push content out to the kiosks.

Additionally, KioWare Server provides a feature that enables ad hoc grouping, meaning kiosk projects can be sorted into an unlimited number of groups, enabling different content to be pushed out to multiple groups. This allows for easy distribution of various promotions to different stores.

Download the free 500 hour trial of the Kiosk Client with the 90 day trial of the Server Console to determine if KioWare Server ASP is right for your project. Or read case studies and white papers on how to use our Windows kiosk software. 

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KioWare Server ASP $4,950
KioWare Server ASP Support $990

KioWare Server ASP Add'l Site $500
KioWare Server ASP Add'l Site Annual Support $100