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KioWare for Android Released

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

KioWare has expanded its kiosk mode software line to include products for the Android OS, releasing KioWare® Lite for Android™ version 1.0 and KioWare® Full for Android™ with Server version 1.0.

The new KioWare for Android product line protects self-service applications by securing the OS, home screen and browser, as well as limiting the Android applications a user can run. There are two types of KioWare for Android software: a client version, KioWare Lite for Android and a version that includes a server, KioWare Full for Android with Server. KioWare Lite for Android protects your application by securing the OS, home screen and browser, as well as limiting the Android applications your users can run. The software works with Android versions 3.0 or higher. KioWare Full for Android with Server gives you the additional ability to remotely monitor the health and status of tablets running the Android OS. This is done through the KioWare Server component, which works with the Windows OS.

“The advantage of using a tablet with an Android OS as opposed to an iPad is that the security issues with iPads are mostly unavoidable. The iOS operating system is not well suited for self-service as this environment imposes many demands on an operating system that are far different from the standard consumer use of the device. Since the iOS is a closed operating system, it restricts the robustness and security of self-service applications, while the Android operating system is very open and well suited for self-service,” explains Jim Kruper, President of KioWare.

Specific KioWare Lite for Android features include:

Protect the Home Screen/Launcher

It is critical to prevent the user from accessing the Home Screen (the Android equivalent to the Desktop) and App Launcher. KioWare for Android products only allow your specified applications to run, preventing the user from executing, downloading or installing any other applications.

Browser Lockdown

Through allow or revoke lists, KioWare for Android products limit the user to only the domains or pages you choose. In addition, if displaying Internet web pages, links such as mailto tags or file downloads can be blocked.

Limit Android Apps

Similarly to how KioWare locks down the browser, it also allows you to control which Android Apps a user can run.

Application Resetting

Once the user has finished with the application, all traces of the user’s previous session are removed by automatically clearing cookies and cache and returning to the start page.

KioWare Full for Android with Server additionally includes:

Remote Monitoring

It is essential to remotely monitor your tablet mobile devices to determine the current status. The Server component, installed on your machine running the Windows OS, allows you to monitor multiple Android tablets from a central location. Specifically, it can let you know if your application is still running, if certain components are reporting errors, and the percentage battery life.

More information can be found on our Android Products Page. Or you can download KioWare Lite for Android here or KioWare Full for Android with Server here.

KioWare has been providing OS, desktop, and browser lockdown security for the kiosk and self-service industry since 2001. The KioWare for Android product line works with Android devices; Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions.